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Come watch me take my baby steps:

Q: What type of thread should I use for my machine? Is all-purpose desirable? What about nylon and polyester?
A: Do NOT use polyester for upholstery, use nylon!

Q: How do I load embroidery files onto my machine?
A: USB from computer. Must be specially formatted files from sewart or bought.

Q: Do I embroider onto fleece or do I need to embroider straight onto the fabric? Or, do I need to find a special material to embroider onto?
A: I need stabilizer.…?
"Both have worked wonderfully so far! The tear away I use for my beanie kits, and cut away I use for my regular embroidery (though the tear away might work fine too with some iron-on adhesive. The iron-on really helps with minky so much. Keeps the fabric from warping under dense stitching. Both are a really good deal too." -Buttercup

Q: Is there a specific thread I need for my embroidery machine? Can't I just use all-purpose?
A: Use all-purpose.

Q: What is the difference between upholstery and embroidery?
A: "In some sense, upholstery is utility fabric set aside for an even more specific purpose than other utility fabrics." Embroidery is what you do to the fabric, I'm assuming.

Q: What is the difference between applique and embroidery?
A: 1/2 Applique seems to be when you embroider over the seam of two pieces of fabric, although I'm not entirely sure just yet!


  • Do not use HE1 Brother as sewing machine. It will wear out sooner.
  • Nazegoreng has many of the colors of her plushies listed with her work.
  • seems to have the cheapest fabric by the yard as of now, at $8 (includ shipping) in comparison to @ $12 and Minky Boutique @ $10. 
  • Fluttershy is yellow and pink minky. Lightning Dust is "opal, sunshine, mango, yellow and azure minky" via Nazegoreng.
  • After all questions are fulfilled, practice with emboidery machine and study faux fur for pony manes.
  • Update Tumblr.
  •… <--- BUY ONE for making ponies
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