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Fluttershy is now for sale here:…

Pattern is by My Little Waifu
Feel free to contact me for more info <3
Don't have much in my shop up yetttt but here it is ----->…

just a quick update on this girl
she's almost done, receiving her finishing touches tonight
she'll be up for sale, if interested you can pm me to snag her

i'll submit an official picture with info when she's all good and done

Come watch me take my baby steps:

Q: What type of thread should I use for my machine? Is all-purpose desirable? What about nylon and polyester?
A: Do NOT use polyester for upholstery, use nylon!

Q: How do I load embroidery files onto my machine?
A: USB from computer. Must be specially formatted files from sewart or bought.

Q: Do I embroider onto fleece or do I need to embroider straight onto the fabric? Or, do I need to find a special material to embroider onto?
A: I need stabilizer.…?
"Both have worked wonderfully so far! The tear away I use for my beanie kits, and cut away I use for my regular embroidery (though the tear away might work fine too with some iron-on adhesive. The iron-on really helps with minky so much. Keeps the fabric from warping under dense stitching. Both are a really good deal too." -Buttercup

Q: Is there a specific thread I need for my embroidery machine? Can't I just use all-purpose?
A: Use all-purpose.

Q: What is the difference between upholstery and embroidery?
A: "In some sense, upholstery is utility fabric set aside for an even more specific purpose than other utility fabrics." Embroidery is what you do to the fabric, I'm assuming.

Q: What is the difference between applique and embroidery?
A: 1/2 Applique seems to be when you embroider over the seam of two pieces of fabric, although I'm not entirely sure just yet!


  • Do not use HE1 Brother as sewing machine. It will wear out sooner.
  • Nazegoreng has many of the colors of her plushies listed with her work.
  • seems to have the cheapest fabric by the yard as of now, at $8 (includ shipping) in comparison to @ $12 and Minky Boutique @ $10. 
  • Fluttershy is yellow and pink minky. Lightning Dust is "opal, sunshine, mango, yellow and azure minky" via Nazegoreng.
  • After all questions are fulfilled, practice with emboidery machine and study faux fur for pony manes.
  • Update Tumblr.
  •… <--- BUY ONE for making ponies

Come watch me take my baby steps:

Short-term goals (daily):
[x] Research plushwork

Mid-term goals (weekly):
[] Make a new pony!

Long-term goal (yearly):
[] Create my own pony pattern.

This is a new account for new creations! And by creations, I mean that I'll be posting all of my plushie works here, along with anything else I deem worthy of posting. It's a little blank right now, but I hope to change that!

About me:
I live in the United States and have limited sewing experience. I have made a single imperfect pony after many, many failed attempts, but I'm still learning. I actually sew at my job, but I wouldn't call it professional sewing since I just fix holes. I'm also think I'm fantastic at hand-embroidering even though I've just started. I also enjoy gaming and own a pretty wicked gaming computer. 

Short-term goals (daily):
[] Practice notches and darts.
[x] Make a sphere.
[x] Create some digital embroidery files.
[x] Fix Pikachu's hole
[x] Add scent to Nemo
[] Replace Lydia's wings

Mid-term goals (weekly):
[x] Research plushwork
[] Make a new pony!
[] Practice head shapes.

Long-term goal (yearly):
[] Create my own pony pattern.